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Investment Experience & Education
The SEC regulates syndication investment opportunities and the types of investors that are eligible. In order to invest in our syndication investments, you need to be EITHER an accredited investor or a sophisticated investor.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine whether you meet the requirements needed in order to invest in potential offerings.

Option 1: I am an ACCREDITED investor
Please select ANY & ALL that apply.

Option 2: I am a SOPHISTICATED investor
Please select ANY and ALL that apply

Option 3: I am NEITHER of the above
Please check the box below ONLY IF you are NEITHER an accredited NOR a sophisticated investor. If you check the box below, that means you will NOT be eligible to invest with us at this time.
Investing Exprience – which of the following investment types do you have experience with? Check all that apply.

Before submitting, please read and acknowledge the statement below*