Podcast Appearances

The Best Ever Show

Our host, Slocomb Reed, interviewed us on the world’s longest-running daily real estate investing podcast.

In this episode, I share how I chose my commercial real estate markets, successfully pitched to investors, and the success-mindset that kept me going.

The Morning Spotlight

Mike Ham is the “Coolest Guy in Title Insurance.” By day, he is a commercial real estate title insurance salesman with Fidelity National Title Group and while that my not sound too exciting to the average person, buckle up because The Morning Spotlight podcast is.

Whether Mike is taking his audience to school by interviewing a high profile member of the real estate industry or adding a different kind of value by bringing on interesting guests he thinks his audience will enjoy, when the mic turns on, the energy is high, the conversation is rolling, and you are sure to have a great time!

The Capital Raiser Show

The Capital Raiser Show is a podcast where people can learn best practices for raising private money for multifamily syndication and other real estate investments. They interview successful syndicators and ask them how they raised for their deals, what strategies they implemented and what psychology they used. Guests include multifamily syndicators, real estate investors and securities lawyers.

Ruben Greth is a great host and steers a great conversation. We discussed scaling, overcoming limiting beliefs, moving into multifamily, solving tax problems, raising capital and going all-in on multifamily.

The Wealth Watchers Podcast

Whether a career change is your decision or not, every entrepreneur needs a strong mindset to embark on a new venture. We share an exercise to work through fear, discuss the steps to commit and focus on your goals and your WHY!

Our host, Happy Camper Capital, is an investment group specializing in the outdoor hospitality industry. Their investor partners enjoy the assets in which they invest!

To find out more about the hosts, Adam Lendi and Justin Hoggatt, check out: happycampercapital.com

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