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Why Investors
  • Love Multifamily

Rewarding Returns

Investors receive regular and rewarding returns without being subjected to the volatility of other asset classes and traditional investments.

Cash Flow

As a multifamily investor, you’ll receive steady passive income while being confident that a team of experts is actively managing the asset for you.

Tax Advantages

As a heavily incentivized asset class, you may enjoy tax benefits from accelerated depreciation and cost segregation; lower capital gains rates; and even tax-free capital gains.

Flexible Funding

There are many options for investing in Multifamily assets, such as cash, self-directed retirement accounts, eQRP’s, solo 401k’s, IRA’s and LLC’s, which can enable the power of debt leveraging to turbo-charge your returns.


Over the last 30 years, multifamily has been substantially less volatile than the stock market and even US T-Bonds! We thoroughly vet, acquire and operate properties strategically targeted to outperform in all market cycles.

Upside Potential

Millennials. Recessions. Gig economy. Appreciation. Housing shortages. They all support the growing base of renters across the country as well as the upside pressure for rents and the associated income potential for multifamily assets – delivering even greater returns for investors.

Invest Wisely
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How We
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Our Business Model & Value Proposition


Apartments generate revenue from rents, fees as well as alternative streams. Once expenses and reserves are paid, the remaining margin is regularly distributed to investors, typically quarterly. This provides investors stable and reliable payments right to their bank accounts or retirement accounts. Each multifamily investment property carries a unique strategy to maximize this cash flow and determine the cash on cash return.


Multifamily properties can enjoy aggressive depreciation strategies such as accelerated depreciation and/or cost segregation assignments that are able to reduce investors tax burden. In some cases, capital gains from investments can be redeployed tax-free, even until end of life!


Properly acquired properties appreciate over time due to factors such as operational improvements, amenity improvements, and market-driven factors. And as operational income improves a property's value improves in multiples allowing even more flexibility for greater investor returns


Similar to a personal home, equity in multifamily properties increases as mortgage debt is paid down and operational income is increased. This increase in equity yields additional value and ultimately distributed to investors upon a sale or refinance event.

We work hard building wealth for our investors...

...so they can spend less time worrying for money