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Let’s take a look at a sample investment summary. I’ll walk you through the thought process I go through when I first review an investment summary, so you’ll know what to look for the next time one lands in your inbox.

An end-to-end walkthrough on getting started investing in real estate.

See 3 real world returns from passive investments in multifamily properties.

In this post, I will walk you through that process at a very high level, from start to finish, so you have a clear understanding of all the steps involved in investing passively in your first real estate syndication.

Investing in real estate can often help lower the amount of taxes you owe, even while you’re making great returns on your investment. Here are 7 things you should know about real estate syndications and taxes.

Scaling Up! Transitioning from Single Family Rentals to Multifamily It’s no big secret that most real estate investors start out investing in …

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